Scarving Experience is a brand new (by H&W Finishing introduced) method to give unfinished floor parts a unique character (aged or hand-scraped look) in a controlled process. A range of different types is available. Each has its own unique appearance and exclusivity. These can off course be combined with various colours and effects.

Underneath: examples of the Scarving Experience types 1 to 5. Also you can find here our new scarvings SX 6 (big photo on the left), SX 7 (big photo in the middle) and SX 8 (big photo on the right).

Download the flyer here (PDF)

SX-6-Wave   SX-7-Fijn-Bezaagd   SX-8

index clip image002 index clip image002 0000 index clip image002 0001 index clip image002 0002 
index clip image002 0003


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