New production line for sprinkling

Recently we have started with a third production line for making special finishings. This production line is also suitable for handwork. We can make special finishings with this line, which leads to real athmosferic caracteristic floors. Skirting, beadings, battens and ceiling slats can also be finished now by means of a spray dispenser.

IMG 0788   IMG 0790   IMG 0791

New kinds of scarving

We have three new types of scarving: SX 6, SX 7 and SX 8. Our code for the finishing (picture on the left) is SX 6. Our code for the finishing (picture in the middle) is SX7. The code for the finishing on the right is SX 8.

If you wish more information, we can give that to you.

SX-6-Wave   SX-7-Fijn-Bezaagd   SX-8


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